Uta Mittelstadt is a holistic practitioner dedicated to bring balance, health and well-sentience to your life!

My name is Uta Mittelstadt. I have a BSc and an MSc in homeopathic medicine from the University of Central Lancashire/UK. I am all about slow-aging ever since my mother repeatedly got mistaken for my sister. Almost 30 years older than me, my beautiful mother looked hardly a day older than me.

At Slow-ager we, you and I, will explore what factors are aging you, what to do to improve your aging pattern, and how to make you look and feel younger, healthier and happier. I will support you and will teach and give guidance on all things slower and healthy aging, and will share tried and tested tips and tricks that are non-invasive and that you can easily apply at home.

If you have any health complaints not related to aging, then visit my website CareClin where I am your homeopath for gentle health care for all the little and bigger ails that may affect you or your loved ones. On that website you will find more information about a homeopathic treatment with me and you can get in touch if you wish to book a consultation!

I am the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Clever H.-the Mag! and I blog at Clever Homeopathy. I am part of the fabulous team at HWC, Homeopathy World Community. I function as the COO on the board.


Initial consultation (60 to 90 Minutes): 130 Euros

Follow-up consultation (60 Minutes): 90 Euros

The 12 week Slow-ager program: 685 Euros

Uta is compassionate and empathic while focusing on you and your health goals and well-being.

Be good to yourself…you deserve it!


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